A Spiritually turned on woman is so sexy because she is plugged in to her source of power.

Hi, I’m Raquel – The Spiritual Seductress

I have a life altering Divine whisper to share with you:

Feminine Sensuality is the portal to your highest power. It is the direct access to sacred energies of manifestation which allow you to call in all that you desire.

I am the leading expert in Spiritual Sensuality. I’m here to guide you how to master the art of channeling goddess cosmic sex energy to magnetize opportunities for wealth, divine love, enlightened sex, spiritual guidance and highest purpose.

Raquel as a Living Work of Art

In 2016 I started channeling images that spoke about Feminine Sensuality as the portal to our highest power.

Every time I do a photo shoot, I get intimately connected to my power as a Spiritual Woman. I experience my most radiant, beautiful, divine self.

I unveil my erotic essence and plug into my source confidence, inspiring other women to do the same.

My layers have peeled away and I have emerged as my true self, unapologetically. I now joyfully dance with the Universe and without feeling any guilt, shame or hindrance. If I could say just one word that embodies the transformation, it would be Freedom.

– Elisabeth Belknap

I’ve been featured in a few wonderful places…

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There is a “She” inside of you that is unstoppable. ‘She’ is the High Priestess of Manifestation. ‘She’ is the Warrioress. ‘She’ is the Confident Goddess. ‘She’ hunts down fears, insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. ‘She’ is the full embodiment of feminine...

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Is your Warrioress turned on and on fire?

This image is not about outer beauty. It's about the inner beauty and wild fierceness of the Warrioress. She who has the courage to confront without fear the inner deceitful beast within herself. The beast that doubts, questions and feels less than. She who combats...

When a woman is flirting with her purpose, she is in her highest spiritual power

As a woman you feel so deeply, it is your gift. When you are on a grand scale purpose, you know there is no time to waste on feeling the fears, limitations and the scarcity of the subconscious ego mind. And the truth is, each time you up-level, the ego shows up...

Who would you become if you took off your mask of responsibility?

We spend our whole lives trying to look good. Trying to be good. Trying to show that we have it all together. Trying to hide our dark side. If you are not fulfilling your desires for an abundance of wealth, divine love, enlightened sex, spiritual guidance… Something...
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